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It all started on Christmas Eve when we decided to make Pokemon Bath Bombs for my son's stockings.
They didn't turn out... but he loved them anyway and we started to perfect our recipe. As I watched my son experiment with different ingredients, smells and colors, I knew this was something we could do together while having fun.
So as part of one of our home school lessons, I decided we were going to spend 2018 teaching him the ins and outs of how to run his first product business.
So why should you order from Ollie?
Not only will you be supporting a small shop and an even smaller boy, but we strive to bring you products that are:
• Safe
• Non-toxic
• And Fun
Not only that but all of our products are created without:
Parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, animal testing, mineral oils, petroleum.
We also donate a portion of our proceeds to charity that supports education and entrepreneurship in struggling and impoverished communities.